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3 measures Kenya is taking to stop you smoking cigarettes

If you are an avid cigarette smoker, things may not be looking up for you starting this September. The Ministry of Health has really been upping it’s efforts to curb cigarette smoking in the country, and it’s latest moves might not go well with every other person in  Kenya, especially  smokers.

The dangers of cigarette smoking are well known: the smoke affects normal operations of your lungs, paralyses cells lining the airways, makes you  expel mucus effectively and not to mention that it is cancerous.

Well, here are three steps the Ministry of Health could implement in September, as planned:

1. Cigarettes will be more expensive from September.

cigarette_sales_dollar_sign_cigaretteAccording to the Global Adult Tobacco (GATS) Survey-Kenya Report, an average smoker in Kenya spends Sh1,072 on cigarettes monthly, while those between15 and 24 years spending twice as much at Sh2,008. Expect your spend on ciggarettes to go up after the new laws are implemented, and taxes increased.

2. Graphic images of cancerous lungs and punctured throats will be printed on cigarette packs.

The Tobacco Control Act 2007 provides that the health warnings must cover 30 per cent of the front and 50 per cent of the back of the package and must be displayed both in English and Kiswahili languages. Not only that now but graphic images meant to deter smoking, similar to the below, are going to be introduced:


3. Cigarettes will only retail in packs, not sticks.

This is likely to be the most interesting change. How effective it will be remains to be seen.

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