How address system aimed at boosting ecommerce and improve service delivery.

The Communications Authority of Kenya has  launched National Address System (NAS) a program aimed at naming and numbering of roads, estates and buildings to boost the uptake of e-commerce and improve service delivery. The framework will also help in the management of disasters, security, national planning as well as infrastructure mapping.

“With this system, the opportunities that will open up from an e-commerce perspective are endless. Online retailers like Rupu, Jumia and OLX will now be able to offer door to door deliveries. Cab hailing services like Uber, LittleCabs and Dandia will be able to locate their passengers with more precision, while food deliveries and supermarket grocery shopping will be made a lot easier,” said Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of ICT, Joe Mucheru.

A 70-member committee has been formed to spearhead the implementation of this frame work, with county governments being tasked with implementing NAS in their regions. According to Business Daily, implementation of the project is slated to cost Kes 2.8 Billion based on a Universal Postal Union report.

The cost will go towards hiring staff, buying and installing street signs across the country and transitioning from the present mail delivery process to the new system.  The implementation of the project will see an improvement in the ecommerce subsector while at the same time, improving tax collection.

This is the latest attempt by the government to find a solution to the national addressing and numbering systems. These new efforts will adopt a Public-Private partnership which may make it more successful.

The CA will regulate the system while at the same time ensuring the system remains self-sustaining by charging property numbering and addressing fees.


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