Airtel Kenya doubles mobile money agent base


Airtel Kenya says it has upgraded its Airtel Money platform and doubled its active agent base in Kenya to 22,000 from 10,000 in a bid to enhance customer reach and satisfaction. The Airtel Money system was upgraded in September to enable customers to access real-time payment processing services across multiple access channels.

Using different client interfaces across multiple channels, the new platform maximizes customer satisfaction levels and allows customers to send and receive money, pay bills and buy goods and services, wirelessly, conveniently and reliably, according to the operator. Airtel Money allows customers to send money across all networks in Kenya.

“In the era of financial inclusion through increased accessibility to mobile financial services, it is estimated that 32% of adults are loyal to a particular mobile financial services agent. This increase in Airtel Money agents, therefore, is a step in the right direction to ensure that Airtel customers can now easily access our affordable and reliable Airtel Money services,” Adil added.

Airtel Kenya has expanded its network of external partners who are specialists in acquiring, managing and maintaining mobile money agency networks. The firm said the overwhelming response saw over 140 applications received, 80 of whom fulfilled minimum requirements. From the 80, Airtel settled on 25 partners spread across Kenya, each with an assigned zone to recruit from.

In addition to increasing the number of agents, Airtel has also simplified the process of on boarding new agents from two weeks to one hour to get an agent operating in a new location, serving a new set of customers and earning commissions. This has significantly improved the company’s speed to market.

This has significantly improved the company’s speed to market, and made it much easier for any qualifying retailer to be on-boarded with near zero wait time. Airtel Money agents are widely spread across the country with a larger concentration being in urban centres.

However, efforts are underway to ensure that there is a minimum of four Airtel Money agents in every rural market centre country-wide.



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