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The TECNO BOOM J8 Experience – User insights



Finally the Tecno family gave birth to their new born Tecno Boom J8 on Saturday at the Garden City Mall! Whoa!

Being the newest addition in the TECNO family, the phone was launched at the inaugural TECNO Brand Day, a day dedicated to TECNO fans to converge in a selected venue and experience the TECNO Lifestyle.

In an event filled with glamour and well attended by techies, writers, Tecno fans and family, the new smartphone, the second in the New TECNO Boom Series after Boom 7 which boasted a minimalistic yet exquisite design and was the first music centric smartphone to launch in Kenya.

J8 received a warm welcome, giving it a possibility to become the most popular gadget.

Probably by now hundreds of you have purchased the New TECNO Boom J8, I don’t know what your experience has been from the point of unboxing it to the actual use.


The new Tecno boom J8 comes packed in a yellow box sandwiched by the boom headphones separately packed in a bigger blue box and both strapped using a transparent plastic slip.

At the back of the Yellow box hosting the boom J8 you will find a few specs on what you expect to find in the phone. These include; the camera size, Free BOOM headphones alert, RAM size among others.

Once you open the box, you will find a Tecno BOOM J8, a micro USB cable, a charger, a flip cover, a warranty and finally a palm chat flier! Om the other hand, the blue box contains the boom headphones going by the red wine color and are nicely packed


From a ladies perspective, TECNO Boom J8 interms of weight is a light phone and the rough back (for the black color) enhances the grip on the hand.It fits quite well on the palm. Thus the size not too big to handle and neither is it too small.

She also finds the flip cover to be very nice but would love to see an option of a separate base cover.

From a gentleman’s viewpoint, Tecno boom j8 is naturally stunning.Its light weight emphasizes more on its attraction.


After having the phone for 24 hours, Ann Lawi finds out   the back camera of 13 mega pixel gives  quite a high definition of pictures which the front camera 5 mega pixels does not, though it’s a positive thing that both have a flash light

“The phone has considerable good quality voice when receiving and making calls, however to enjoy undisrupted calls due to Network shortage, you need to be in well connected areas” added Lawi in her feedback on J8 User experience.

In addition, Lawi finds out that the headphone has a good surrounding, bass ,voice clarity and volume however she finds them too big which is not a comfortable feel for a subtle kind of other users though a good thing a super one for a certain segment of users.

On The other hand, Kinyanjui Njonde Loves the ultra power saving feature, which it’s now become common in Tecno and Infinix phones. The feature helps when power is draining and can help save power for upto24 more hours.

Just like Lawi, he also finds the Camera to be very powerful as he managed to take a short clip in a low lit club What about the battery? According to the two, the battery charges very fast and can stay for longer hours on very minimal and basic use.

However while multi tasking, say take video clips, images and at the same time chatting, it will drain as fast as it charged! Kinyanjui notes that the presence of many unnecessary pre-installed applications may be among the key reasons of the faster battery drainage.

Is the phone capacity enough? From Lawi and Kinyajui, the 2GB RAM and internal storage of 16GB is good and satisfactory since there is more room for expansion


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