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As painful as it is – They say the best way to hide something from a Kenyan, is to put it in a book” – Ok it’s a little modified but you get the drift. That’s exactly what ministry of health (MoH) unknowingly did with their sexual reproductive health (SRH) curriculum, they went and hired some kickass researchers who did a spectacular job in coming up with a curriculum to be taught to youths at all levels on sex, early pregnancies, HIV, abortion, contraceptives… etc, things that we the youths are struggling with today. However they did one mistake, the put it in a 40 page document,  luckily they realized their mistake and took steps towards solving this and in partnership with UNFPA and Nailab went ahead to kick off the Iam initiative,on which they set up the iaccelerator through which a call for application on innovative Solutions was made and some of this solutions have been pivotal in sharing the curriculum content with the youth in a palatable manner. Read all about it here. This week we caught up with one of the four finalist to learn with what they have come up with so far.


Fluid studio a start-up started by two Egerton university student while in second year, has come up with a mobile app game called Jump Arena. Jump arena seeks to combine fun and learning by bringing to life the theories learnt on sexuality and sexual reproductive health.

Their idea is to help youth realize, react and decide on situations through gamification. After they found out youth spend most of their free time playing games or on social platform using their phone.

According to Wambisi one of the founders’ Jump Arena was their best bet on packaging the SRH curriculum to the youths. So how does the game work?

How it works

So far

Currently the game is targeted to youths with smart phone access (University and colleges) but they are working on version that can be used by a much younger demographics in Primary and High school, for this target they are encouraging Parent  who cannot openly talk about sex with their children to download the game for their kid to play .

The app gets verified content from UNFPA and Ministry of health and transforms it into an interactive game with about 50 question to go through during the game. It is an interesting way to learn facts about issues we “think”we know. I personally got several questions wrong and was surprised how much misinformed we are about sex issues.

The alpha version of the game already has about 300 users with an average of 90+ Daily Active Users. With youths between 20-25 age being the most active. However such a project come with its own share of challenges, they have since found out that one of their target market -slum youths- are not willing to use the app due to data restrictions and its difficult for the idea to fly with youth in marginalized areas on which they said they might consider board games. But hey, you can only attempt to solve on problem at a time, right?


Our views

All said and dusted it a pretty solid app, if you can’t download it for the sex education then get it just for fun. You will be impressed by the amount of work they have put in on it.

Download the App Here Jump Arena on Google Playstore

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