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Telling moving companies in Nairobi apart: an experiement

Store-and-More-movinghouse02Moving houses without using full-service moving companies in Nairobi now is arguably the worst DIY job. You either end up with broken utensils and/or electronics, scratched furniture and at worst lost house hold items. This is especially so when moving in Nairobi as trucks are strewn all over that purport to help you move.

To solve the above problem, a couple of moving companies in Nairobi have come up.

Some good, some worse than doing it yourself.

Some unbelievebly expensive, some unbelievably cheap.

So how do you tell all these apart? I couldn’t answer this question myself, so I decided to do an experiment, that only considered pricing, as my experience working for kejamove showed that pricing is really the number one reason kenyans choose between moving companies.

Moving companies in Nairobi 

I looked at three pricing factors: cheap vs expensive vs affordable.

The experiement

So on I went. I called up a couple of moving companies in Nairobi to find out their quotations on a similar move. To ensure consinstency, I used the same variables for each, below:

Moving from: Embakasi
Moving to: Ngong road.
House size: 1 bedroom
Origin Floor: Ground.
Destination Floor: Ground.
Household items: (I described the household items you’d find in a typical 1 bedroom for a Nairobian).
Additional services (Dstv installation, tv mounting, cleaning e.t.c): Non requested across board.

The results

The results were shocking: the range was so sparse that the most expensive of the lot was charging upto 3 times more than the cheapest.

The cheapest: ksh 10,500/=
Mode  range (most ): (ksh 15,000/= – ksh 20,00/=)
The most expensive: Ksh 32,200/=

Now when you are looking at this as a consumer it can be really confusing. Does expensive denote quality? Or is cheap simply affordable?

Points of concern

  • I couldn’t understand how the cheapest of the lot would recover their costs as their pricing was almost equal to the cost of hiring a truck for a day. How would they pay their loaders? How would they afford packaging material? Never mind that their facebook reviews were riddled with customer complaints.
  • I couldn’t understand the rationale behind the pricing for the most expensive of the lot, given that, as they explained, their service was similar to the other companies. What was I paying an arm and a leg for? Yes, I see their trucks moving around Nairobi everyday, am I paying heavily for their maintenance costs? That didn’t come out clear.


In my analysis, there was really no difference in expensive vs affordable pricing in moving companies in Nairobi. The service is virtually the same.

But not the same for the cheapest of the lot. Their facebook reviews were riddled with unsatisfied customers, truly showing that cheap is expensive.

Full Disclosure

Moving companies in Nairobi

The writer is a co-founder of Kejamove, the premier moving company in Nairobi, Kenya that offers moving services to Thousands of clients across the country; reachable on 0711931212 and
This article is part of a series of myth-busting articles that they are doing as a company, in line with their policy of openness; with the desired end result being providing transparency on what goes into pricing for a move.


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