Current Prices for pay tv services In Kenya and their packages.

As the premier league starts, we have decided to compile a list of the different pay TV services and their packages offer here in Kenya to give you an idea of which one is perfect for you.


Zuku offers satellite and cable Pay TV services. Zuku Satellite has four packages namely: smart pack which has 27 Tv channels and 18 radio for ksh 399 Zuku; Classic which has 69 TV channels and 55 radio channels for KSh 999 monthly fee; Zuku Premium has 97 TV channels and 55 radio channels for KSh 1,399; and Asia package with 26+ channels for KSh 999.

The cable option, Zuku Fiber, offers internet, TV and telephone services in Nairobi and parts of Mombasa. The prices range from KSh 2,799 for Infinite 1 package (1Mbps internet, 62 television channels and free Zuku calls) to Infinite 60 (60Mbps internet and similar number of channels); in between there is Infinite 15 (KSh 4,499) and Infinite 30 (KSh 5,699).

Star Times

StarTimes has two services: the Digital terrestrial television (DTT) and the Satellite TV (known as StarSat). DTT uses and aerial while the StarSat uses a satellite dish.

The least costly DTT option is its the Nyota Bouquet which charges KSh 199 monthly for 10+ channels. Basic Bouquet costs KSh 499 for about 33 +local and international channels while Classic Bouquet goes for KSh 999 for 57 + channels with dedicated sports channels like Star Times Sport 2, Euro Sports News, Fox Sports and NBA TV.

StarTimes’ most priced DTT option is the Unique Bouquet that goes for KSh 1,499 to access 76 channels. StarSat options are: Nova (KSh 399 monthly for 35 channels), Smart (KSh 899 for 72 channels), Super (KSh 1,499 for 100 channels) and Chinese (KSh 1,999 for 12 Chinese channels and 69 other international ones).


GOtv is a Multichoice’s DTT product that offers three packages; GOtv Lite, Plus and Value. Users pay an annual fee of KSh 1,800 to get 12 television channels and one audio channel on GOtv Lite.GOtv Plus has 12 audio channels and 45 television channels for KSh 920 monthly while the Value package charges KSh 599 monthly for 37 television channels and 12 audio channels.


DSTV Compact PLUS at a monthly subscription on KSh 6,400 while Compact goes for KSh 3,750.DSTV Family KSh 2,150. The least priced for KSh 1050 monthly and DSTV Premium KSh 9,400.






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