Daily Post gets deleted from the internet following the Ann Waiguru Vs Google Court battle

What happens when you mess with Ms. Anne Waiguru and she sues Google instead?

kenyan post.com Site Overview

kenya post deleted from the internet


Getting your blog removed from search is one among the many other things that can happen when you post defamatory statement about a politician and they decides to sue the company that makes hay for you online.In this case Google.

The popular Daily post running under the domain Kenya-post.com was removed from search result by Google after planning cabinet secretary Ann Waiguru went after the search engine giant to compel them to reveal details of who owns the website and remove all said material from its search engine and from www.Blogger.com, a Google Inc.

Google Kenya lost the first round in court arguing they only offer marketing and service support for Google Inc; hence it could not be held responsible for the defamatory material. Subsequently the whole saga has led to the removal of the blog from Google search results.

For a blog that made almost all its revenue through googles’s adsense its pretty rough to have your bread winner cut you out like that considering they had grown the blog to the top 23 most visited site in Kenya according to Alexa – an Amazon website ranking service. *Cues “These Corporates aint loyal

kenyan post.com Site Overview

Although they have since moved to another blogspot (kenyan-post.blogspot.com) domain they have lost a substantial online juice from the move as is evident by their new ranking.

New website ranking after migration

New website ranking after migration

Children what have we learnt from this?

Defamation=erase. Just get your facts right!



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