Facebook builds a bridge to the global mobile economy for Kenyan businesses.

Facebook is supporting Kenyan businesses that want to grow internationally by providing them with powerful new tools and resources that enable them to connect with people in new countries. These new solutions help small businesses become large and local businesses become global.

More than 1 billion people on Facebook are connected to at least one business in a foreign country, and 1.57 billion people visit Facebook each month on mobile devices. In Kenya, 50% of people on Facebook are connected to a business in a foreign country and 63% are connected to a Kenyan company.

Businesses can now use a new feature in the Lookalike Audiences tool to reach customers in new countries who are similar to their existing ones. They can do this by uploading a list of existing customers or high-potential leads.

Advertisers with website conversion or mobile app install objectives can use Facebook’s extended location targeting capabilities by selecting a worldwide region or trade zone. Facebook will deliver ads to selected regions and then optimise delivery to the countries with the greatest return.

Facebook is also introducing solutions to help businesses optimise their global campaign strategy, including webinars on international marketing with Facebook and a handbook on finding the right customers in new countries.

Says Nunu Ntshingila, Head of Africa Facebook: “In today’s globally connected world, mobile technology creates new opportunities for businesses to find more customers in other countries.  On mobile, and on Facebook, people engage with the things that matter to them even outside their home countries making it an exciting way for small businesses to build a global community as easily as they could connect with people who live just down the road.”

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Many entrepreneurial Kenyan companies are already using Facebook to connect with people around the world. For example, Kenyan entrepreneur Ciiru Waweru-Waithaka founded the brand FunKidz in 2010 after seeing the need for a children’s brand from Africa.


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Using Facebook tools such as Audience Insights, the brand was able to scale across Africa, connecting with customers in Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. More than 60% of its web traffic is referred from Facebook.

People in Kenya are also connected to businesses in other countries – the top 5 are US, UK, Nigeria, India and South Africa. Almost 20 million people from around the world are connected to a business in Kenya and across Europe; people from Kenya are connected to businesses in UK, Turkey, Italy, Denmark, and Germany.


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