data battles

How Mobile Data has become the new battle front for telecommunications.

It is going to come to this point. Who is unavoidable? Who is faster? Who is better? In telecommunication battle in Kenya? Safaricom Data or Airtel Data?  And how will pricing affect that balance. Well very soon it will depend on how the majority of Kenyans uses their cell phones, especially on social media or online. In the new digital world, efficiency needs will define your position before pricing.

Mobile data have become the new battle front for telecommunications as revenues from calls flatten and messaging apps eat into an SMS revenue stream. In that Mobile data Internet subscriptions have created a fighting arena where telecommunication sector has to define its dominance by offering better mobile data deals and high internet speeds.

The pricing undercurrents when it comes to digital goods changes a little to what we are used to in other commodities. For example, Kenya has very price sensitive people, good with cheaper prices tend to move faster but I believe the same does not apply especially in telecommunication services. Cheap means you are compromising on something.

Nevertheless, Airtel Kenya has increased its mobile data subscriptions from 4.6 million to 5.1 million users, marking an 11 percent rise in the period from January to March 2016.The industry statistics, released by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), show Safaricom still controls the lion’s share of the mobile data market even though its subscriptions declined by 2.2 percentage points compared to the previous quarter.

Airtel Kenya’s Data market share recorded a 3.1 percentage point growth, increasing from 18% to 21.1%, while Orange Kenya lost 2.8 percentage points to record 11.2 percent market shares.

Overall, the CA report indicates mobile internet subscriptions rose to 24.7 million, up from 23.7 posted during the previous quarter representing growth of 3.8 per cent.




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