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How To Broadcast Live Using Facebook New Feature Dubbed Live Video


Live video, live calls, live chats, live, live, and live.

This is where the world is heading to in matters passing information, having real time news on the go, and in general Media disruption.

After introducing live video streaming feature to its users, Facebook has now added the Live Video feature on its desktop version. This feature allows you to watch live events all over the world.

Appearing on the Facebook app list on the side bar, live video now allows anyone to broadcast their events from wherever they are to billions of viewers on the world map which by default are or must be Facebook users.However, From our observation, most live videos currently  are from media houses and verified Facebook accounts especially for public figures

While on the world map, users are able to see blue dots all over it, which is an indication of a live broadcast going on in that specific area.

The bigger the dot, the larger the number of people watching it As one moves her mouse, around the map, you can click on any of the dots and the video being broadcasted will pop up on a square kind of screen.

Once you click on the video, a column of live videos form on the footer of the screen giving you an option to chose from the available live videos.

With such kinds of developments, it is clearly evident that there will be tremendous change in the media and advertising industry.

It is also proof that there is a redefinition of media taking place globally and this will lead to a digital economy. An economy that will dictate all decisions and actions made in different sectors.

An economy that will be core in shaping the fourth industrial revolution.

Currently the feature is only available on desktop version of Facebook, Via, www.facebook.com/livemap/



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