How To Earn 2.5 Million In 90 days With Total “startupper” Challenge


In the spirit of its global initiative of supporting the socioeconomic development of all the countries, where it operates worldwide, Total Kenya has launched the “startupper” of the year challenge initiated by the total group in 34 African countries.

The initiative is aimed at identifying, rewarding and accompanying the best projects in enterprise creation or development in Kenya. Its targets any Kenyan citizen below 35 years of age.

During the nominatons, the panel of judges will preselect upto ten of the best projects in Kenya based on innovativeness, originality, how daring a project is, development potential and capacity to improve the living conditions of the masses.

According to a statement sent to Techsahara by the company, the startupper of the year is a concrete action launched to locally contribute to the reinforcement of the industrial fabric and to raise the level of  employment on the African continent, by supporting the most daring and innovative entrepreneurs in realizing their ambitions.

Other requirements for qualification include, your business plan, financing plan, partnership strategy, logo, marketing brochure.executive summary and a video or photo presentation.

The winning projects will be granted the ‘Startupper of the year 2016 “by Total’ label, with financial support totaling up to 2.5 million and 1.5 million for the second runners up ,winner number three will receive 1 million Kenya shillings.

All winners will benefit from a mentorship programme from Total Kenya.   The application process is ongoing and is directly available on the website:

The deadline is 31st January  The finalists’ will be published on the website of the contest, by 28th February 2016.

After the candidates’ pitch which will take place by 15th March 2016, the jury will select up to three of the best projects and the results will be announced during the awards ceremony.


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