Imara TV- A new approach to sexual reproductive health


Kids nowadays are interested in sexuality very early in life, they start asking questions like how are babies made as early as 6 years and if they don’t get satisfying answers from adults around them they will try and find answers somewhere else. This “somewhere else” could be either their peers in school, the Internet or pornography. Taking the taboo out and having direct, frank conversations with children on sexuality is possibly the best approach to help them develop a healthy, respectful relationship with their bodies and with others. But our society seem hell bent in disallowing something like this in our schools. However Imara TV wants to change that by creating video content on sex education for the youth using the same medium they get misleading facts from.

Their plan is to crowd source and curates youth generated video content on human development and sexuality and share it on their digital platforms. They are inviting youth to create content on current sexuality issues like, “Chips Funga, sponsors, Socialite among other related issues then distribute them on Imara TV.  Their objectives to educate and reach more than 1 million youths, create 100 online-creators through a 90% revenue share with the creators. Currently, 3 months into their launch they’ve successful published a 6 episode series on YouTube and Facebook which have had 88k cumulative views and 270k+ youth reached.

Our review;

After interviewing several start up on how they are tackling SRH we realized that for anyone to have real impact on SRH issues they need to take a bold and unconventional approach in solving the problem. Pussy footing on the issues won’t cut it. You better teach them what to expect about puberty, sex before they start having it.  By doing this not only are we respecting the intelligence by provide them factual and medically true information but enlightening them to make better decision.

We decided to look at different approaches other countries have employed on SRH. Norway have had great success on this issue and we sort to see how exactly they tackle it. For starters they don’t wait until one is 18yrs to openly talk about sex, matter of fact their target group is 8 to 12 year olds, children who have either entered puberty or are about to. In the topic about puberty they convey openly and frankly what happens to the body in the transition from child to adult. How the skeleton grows, why girls bleed, about spots and blushing and involuntary ejaculations. What happens to breasts and sexual organs, how the voice changes and how emotions are in turmoil. In short, how the human body grows and changes from child to adult in order to make babies.Better and deeper, sex education has resulted to lower teen pregnancies and lower abortions rates.

A Norwegian video explaining puberty

The final stage deals with how conception happens. With the aid of models, they show, as clinically and pragmatically possible, how the sexual act plays out. This is a part of mandate to inform children about this aspect of the human body and biology.

I believe this is the approach we should take not the subtle -you are too young to know this things- approach. Be as practical as possible with hard truths without fear or shame: Go close up, use visual in storytelling, and be specific.  Break the Internet.

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