craving carrots

Kenyan mobile video game Mekan games set to launch ’Craving Carrots’.

Kenya’s Mekan games, an independent game development team in Nairobi, Kenya is set to launch a mobile video game titled ‘ CRAVING CARROTS’ For the past 7 months, they have been working on a video game titled CRAVING CARROTS that promises to be a definite hit. They are through with development and are looking for the largest platform to launch it to the world. Meanwhile, they are on a mission to get the word out to as many people as possible. unnamed (2)unnamed (1)
Video game development is not widespread in Kenya as other industry but contrary to that, statistics have shown that it’s one of the most profitable businesses of enough time and effort is invested in the industry. The global video game industry is valued at $111 Billion. This is more than Hollywood itself. Of this, $31 million (3,100,000,000 ksh) is in Kenya.
CEO and founder of Mekan Games, Evans Kiragu, a local video game development company. They are the guys behind Wings of Fury 3D and World Down Under.  Mekan is a Swahili word meaning ‘Mimi naweza’ so from that to English it becomes Me-Can so twisted a little bit to Mekan Games.unnamed (4)

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They launched their first mobile video game called Wings of Fury, for android. The windows and iPhone versions are also available.  Apart from creating video games, they also aspire to create a gaming community in Kenya, and at large a video game development trend in the republic. Its time they create games for Kenya’s by Kenyans.
The team is composed of 7 members all aged between 20 and 21 years old and are hence young innovators looking to tell African stories through video games to the masses. Their previous game went huge getting over 25,000 downloads globally they expect an even better reception to
“Craving Carrots”.

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