Kenya’s BraceScript is a new programming language for kids developed in Kenya.

Kennedy Kanyi, an ex JKUAT student is a computer programmer and currently running Oneplace Technologies Ltd, and the co-founder of BraceScript, Has developed a programming language for kids called BraceScript language which approaches programming from a simple point of view.

Brace Kids is an initiative to teach kids (7-17 years old) how to code or write computer software. Brace Kids is a FREE initiative but they charge KES 999 for the account so that they can raise money for a hub for kids. Brace Kids will afterwards teach all interested kids how to code in all major languages without charging them.

BraceScript approaches programming concepts from a simple and fun to do point. The kids get to learn the importance of syntax as they enjoy creating things and drawing images and animations through code.
Being second level, BraceScript rides on first level language frameworks like Python and JavaScript. It is basically simple syntax formed to emulate complex syntax of first level languages; with the goal of making something easy for a kid.

The commands published in this documentation are the introduction basics. We are working hard to develop more and more syntax.

You can be part of this initiative by donating to our PayPal account or sign up for a live account at





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