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Life And Business Lessons You Can Learn From playing Fantasy Premier League #FPL.

I started playing Fantasy premier league this season, at first the concept was a bit fuddled but when I understood how it’s played I fell in love with it. Not because it’s a game but because of tactical conspiracies, with the game you build a set of skill overtime that can help you in your career.

If you’re like the more than 3 million participants of fantasy football, you’re probably gearing up to start your fantasy draft. But as you’re getting ready for your current party, you should also take a page out of fantasy football and apply it in your business. Here are priceless business lessons you can learn from your fantasy team.

Do Your Research.

Earlier to a fantasy football draft, fans check out the rankings created by experts, keep up-to-date on player injuries or progress, and even participate in a fake draft so that they can draft the best players possible. Even when the season starts, it’s not uncommon to seek the advice from online forums or personally seek advice from other fantasy players when you want to improve your team.

Keep An Eye Out For Rising Stars.

Throughout the season there will be players who have an outstanding season. That’s why it’s important to keep a close eye on the waiver wire for future icons. Even if you have an All-Star, you could find a possible running back or wide receiver that could help take your team to the playoffs.

Look At the Data.

If you’re into fantasy football, you probably notice that the same players are ranked in the top 10 or 20 year after year. Why? Because they’ve proven during the previous seasons to be the top players in the game. However, if that player is dealing with an injury or has joined a new team, they may not be as productive. You also have to realize which players have the potential to have break-out seasons.

Identify Issues Before They Happen.

Whether it’s having depth on your team or keeping up with player updates, you should always be thinking several steps ahead when it comes to fantasy football. For example, if you read that your starting wide receiver has been dealing with trough toe, then you should be eyeing up the waiver wire or taking a long peek at your bench for a starting WR.


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