LIVELUVO; Digital Village Connecting Job Seekers To Providers


It’s a Monday again!! Sad to know that thousands of jobless youths woke up this morning only to drop brown envelops in offices that might end in up the bins.

Others have attended tens of interviews only to be told we will call you back. The call never comes.

It is also sad to note that contrary to this situation, another group of youths in our universities, who have gotten the opportunity to learn end up as hooligans, hold demonstrations in the middle of the night, destroy property worth millions of shillings and at the end of the day paint a bad image for the universities before corporate organizations and potential employers.

This not to mention last weekend’s UoN demos that led to the cancellation of #NiShowPower, an event aimed at sensitizing and educating the same youths on elections, voting and the power of their vote.

Is it joblessness, or ignorance?

Contrary to what people believe on the situation of  inadequate jobs in Kenya, a number of  youths have come together and created an android  app-based community network (dubbed Liveluvo) with a mission  to accelerate  members self development skills  by providing the tools to find local  job opportunities.

As a digital Village, Liveluvo helps its members to exchange services, develop skills, and proactively earn.

“Our App is a community network to find personal and professional opportunities. Seek and share advice and grow with like minded people” noted Frankline Mwenda, the firms’ social media Manager

How does LIVELUVO work?

To use the application, a new user needs to Sign up with their mobile number and then setup a profile that shows your vocation, interests, knowledge and skills.

Once done, one needs to post an offer that showcases their service, skill or knowledge to the LIVELUVO community.  The platform also gives users the opportunity to search for opportunities offered by others, based on their interests and location.

In this regard, with an available platform that connects service seekers to providers; it’s time that we all work to eliminate the jobless corner that is leading to more damage in this country than good.

With platforms such as Liveluvo, the youths demonstrating among others can find or provide a service, Learn or teach someone else a new skill, promote groups or manage organizations, and share their knowledge on something.


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