Mobisol reaches 250,000 people in East Africa.

The German off-grid solar provider has now installed over 50,000 systems in East Africa, meaning that a quarter of a million people receive sustainable electricity from its solar solutions, which is an incredible landmark in a growing market.

Mobisol is a company that is leading the way in solar dispersion in the less established markets of the world. The company’s most recent landmark is testament to that, as over 250,000 people in Tanzania and Rwanda now benefit from reliable electricity supplied by Mobisol’s off-grid solar systems.

The rent-to-own solar solutions, which are available in Tanzania and Rwanda and are soon to be available in Kenya, have the capacity to power the home of an average East African family. More than just this, they come with various electrically-run appliances in a closed-loop system, so that the electricity generated can power things such as televisions, radios, charging docks, and hair clippers.

Majority of households who cannot access power always resort in alternatives like kerosene or fuelwood which are deemed even more expensive or environmentally dangerous.

The company has now installed 50,000 of its off-grid systems in East Africa, which combined equals over 5 MW of solar capacity, making Mobisol the largest in East Africa in terms of capacity.

Thomas Duveau, the firm’s head of business development, said, “Stand-alone solar systems that cover 100 of the electricity needs of customers are the future of energy provision for emerging nations because they are logistically easy to implement, affordable and more reliable than the grid.”

About 15,000 small businesses generate an additional household income of over €5 million per year with their Mobisol system, which has helped create over 800 new green jobs. Its “Mobisol Akademie” provides a comprehensive technical education for the firm’s employees, according to Duveau.


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