Why you need MastaMap Location Finder app.

App based service has of recent increased to target the high uptake of smart phone in the Kenya market. Apps emerge that improve healthcare, banking, and livelihood for those who need it most. It is here in East Africa’s tech hub that innovation is occurring in its freshest form. Out of necessity, app based are targeting the high number of daily active use to deliver their services.

Due to high daily active internet user, and high uptake of smartphone, it have paved way for many app based service in Kenya. According to statistics it shows middle aged between 24-34, who are also working class, will provide a competitive markets for app services, for instance,

MastaMap can be used by everyone: friends to share their locations, motorists to remember where they parked their cars, candidates to find interview locations, salesmen to plan & locate their client meetings, logistics and delivery companies (parcels, food, e-commerce), to find addresses, real estate brokers to pinpoint exact locations of new developments, micro businesses who rely on local trade & customers, environmentalists to org. clean up campaigns, NGOs to inform people of exact locations for health or other programmes, pop up shops/restaurants, conservationists to pinpoint exact locations of species and more. Users can also order an Uber straight from MastaMap. The app uses GPS and GoogleMaps and locations are crowd sourced by users.
MastaMap  was developed  to direct  graduate candidates to their interview places (often in new developments), but this app can be used by all, especially those of us who live or work in emerging markets where roads and addresses are not always easy to find. If for example, graduates have interviews at Uber Technologies, instead of directing them to: Mirage Building, Waiyaki way, Westland’s we simply message them (via the app or email), the location code: KE4BLNR This app is not just confined to Kenya; it is global i.e. a location code in Great Britain would for example be: GB xxxxx .  Users simply generate location codes and then save or share them with those they choose.  This is just 1G and plans are already underway for the next stages and will see the app evolve.

UBER Users – MastaMap pinpoints your current location and when you order an Uber from our app. it populates your pick up location as you enter the Uber platform from MastaMap. Once you have saved important locations and have your destination location too, both details will be populated on to Uber so you can get your Uber Ride price estimate.  The app is free from google play.

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