Tecno Customer Experience Enhanced Using Tecno Spot Forum


Finding the right information about a specific topic or thing has become quite challenging these days. Despite the presence of many search engines, it’s still not easy to find that specific solution or answer to your urgent problem.

For instance, if you Google, latest software upgrade of Tecno phones, you will receive over 1 million results! All surrounding the same topic, you have to scroll down to look for the specific thing you want. It is in this regard that Mobile service provider Tecno mobile has introduced the Tecno spot Forum, a community for Tecno fans to share their Tecno mobile experience and get the latest updates for their phones.

How does it help?

This is exciting! Imagine spending hours in a queue at Carlcare service centres or because of something small, so hectic, right? That’s why Tecno is committed to save you time and give you instant support to any technical hitch you may be experiencing with your gadget!

Packed with tech lovers, you as a member in this forum will get access to relevant technical information as well as sharing information related to Tecno and its products.

An Important point to note that  the flow of information is endless and alas! You will receive various resources for their phones such as new software’s!

A good job is worth rewarding, since the forum will be entertaining, participation in the unending activities held at the forum will lead to fans winning amazing TECNO prizes.

It will not only be all about technology but also a fun place to be for a thrilling experience.

What will your role be?

Once you join Tecno spot, you will be in a position to ask any questions, share your TECNO experiences and learn from other like-minded people as well.

Any surprises?

As a member of Tecno spot, you will be able to receive updates on new gadgets or software’s that Tecno is set to launch. For instance, we are informed that Tecno is working on a new user interface! it will be known as the Hardware Independent Operating System (HiOS) set to be launched soon.

This user interface will contain more features and customizable options that match your preferences.Why dont you try Tecno spot to get more details on this new user interface?



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