Resist the allure of beautiful strategies – concentrate on results

Let’s face it: we love strategising. We love sitting by the round table and throwing out ideas on this and that and giving famous examples, talking big, making big projections: blowing hot air.

We love meetings. We love walking into the office having ‘strategy’ meetings all day long, and going home after a ‘long day at work’ to a warm bath.
But really, does all this count as a ‘long day of work’ or just like another another wasted day?
Meeting length vs. will to live

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I’ll confess: I hate meetings, I hate seating across the table and listening as everyone gives their opinion on matters. The only other thing I hate more than meetings are long meetings. It does not help that I am introverted, that I prefer a quick email in the stead of a brief chat. It also does not help that I am no communications expert.

I guess my hate towards meetings begun the day I knew what my net worth per hour in dollars is. Trust me once you know your figure, you will begin hating meetings as much as I do. As every half hour elapses in another meeting, you will be thinking: that’s X amount of dollars gone to the drain.
If only all meetings would merely be a discussion of last weeks numbers, and setting of targets for the next week.


Productivity lies on the field, not the boardroom.
Anyways, I just hope my colleagues after reading this won’t be like:

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