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A Phone’s battery life is a big factor when buying a new phone, here in Africa it’s a particularly a problem since we moved directly from Mulika Mwizi which could go for 3 day without charging to the cheap smartphones that barely last 6 hour on normal usage.
Ideally a good indication of a phone’s battery life comes from how large its battery is, which is rated in mAh. The higher the mAh rating, the bigger the battery, so phones with higher mAh ratings should (theoretically) last longer. This isn’t always the case, though, as other factors such as screen brightness, mobile data and Phone calls also play a big part in how quickly it drains the battery.
Therefore there is no single measure that can for sure claim to have the most scientific way of proving which phone has a better battery life. In my research I employed another approach by combining mAh ratings, pricing and user recommendation. According to this factors here are the best performing phones adjacent to their prices.

1. LenovoS860

At the going price of ksh 24,000 I believe this is the best performing phone on the market
User recommendation: “Its 2:30 pm and still my battery is full. This is how a phone’s battery should last.
Lenovo s860

2. Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia Z series phones ranks very well in all tests done on experts review sites,
Sony Xperia Z3 which locally goes for ksh 66,000 is value for money comparing other phones in the same price range. Xperia Z, Z1,Z2 which ranges from ksh 30000 to ksh 43,000 respectively depending on budget there are also well recommended.

3. LG G2 and LG G3

I have had personal recommendation from an avid internet user for G2 then by default their latest release G3, will have a better performance or equal to. For ksh 50,000 for G3 and ksh 36,000 for G2 you get a sleek, beautiful good performing black device.

4. Samsung Galaxy note 4

Undoubtedly Samsung has the largest selection of devices and it goes without saying that the most expensive will have the best battery life; therefore the crown goes for the ksh 66,500 Samsung Galaxy Note 4

5. Lumia

The Lumia range of phones descendants of the Nokia Brand which was known for its quality devices makes the cut and it’s a preference for the non-android lovers. Lumia 1520 being the biggest phones also has the best performing battery life however anything above Lumia 735 will give you a good performance.

6. HTC one

HTC one series devices are growing popularity among the Kenyan youth as the makers position the device as affordable and a good alternative to the popular Samsung brands. For ksh 50,000 you can get yourself either a HTC One M8 or HTC X plus.

7. Iphone 6

For all the fancy smancy and celebrities, IPhone 5 and 6 ranks very high in an international level, some say they could be the only device in the market that you are sure will give you a good battery life. So its not necessarily ranked at no.8 but i had to include it somewhere on the list

8. Techno, Huawei ascend & Alcatel one touch idol

For 10-15k any of the above devices in that range will give you a good option.
Keep in mind the bigger the phone the larger the better the mAh rating.

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