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We have been brought up in a world where it’s abnormal for we (the youth) to ask questions on sex, or any other sexualy related issues. Parents are also not keen on educating their children on dangers of pre-marital sex, this has been largely left to the Mainstream media or the internet, while this clearly is not a good situation to be in, how do we turn it into a positive? A group of Jkuat students have developed a solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to answer all your sexual reproductive health questions.

Sophie Bot is an intelligent system that is fed with verified information on sexuality and sexual reproductive health from ministry of health and relays the information to its users through conversations that are driven by chat, Facebook messenger, telegram, Twitter’s DM and through an app.

Sophie bot as an idea came about from a collection of past AI application that Irvin Amukasa one of the founder had developed in the past years, so when they were calls on innovative ways to reach the youth on this issues they just needed a little tweak to fit in the Sexual reproductive health curriculum. The app aim at helping young people realize their desire to talk about, discuss, learn and understand their sexuality and sexual reproductive health by engaging with credible sources of information in safe and un-stigmatized environment.

How it works

Get on the app on Messenger, telegram, Twitter DM or Download the app. Ask her any questions about sexuality and reproductive health.
They have fed her with a lot of knowledge on that topic.
Get an answer instantly.
To get started we asked her “What is sexual health”. Got a reply within seconds

There is also an option where you can anonymously ask questions and have real people respond in a forum through the app.


No matter how futurist a solution is, it comes along with its share of skepticism, like how do you sell a bot that answers sexuality questions to people in the slums or upcountry? This has been one of the biggest problem that hit the team as people don’t fully comprehend the bot technology, and for those who do, some are abusing the platform by asking irrelevant question. Occupational hazard i think.

Our review

This could be a game changer if it works as envisioned, however they need to put a lot of work into it for them to fulfill this promise. They need to find a way to make her learn faster and answer unconventional question otherwise they will have a lot of unanswered queries which puts them below user expectations.

By opening several channels that users can access her (Facebook, telegram, Mobile app, Twitter DM, they have made it easier for users but for it to have a bigger impact Sophie need to work on the most basic platform like SMS or whatsapp.  Otherwise it might be another app that came our way and died without any real impact.
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