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TECNO Boom J8; What To Expect

You probably have scratched your head thinking on what phone to buy next! Or perhaps which is the best latest phone in the market. Hold on, I know of some gadget launched last week, how….? cleave on that thought in the mean time.

Rumors’ have it that Tecno Mobile Phone will be releasing their latest Gadget, the Tecno J8! I don’t know how true this is, but am sure what goes around comes around. It is still in this Tecno J series type of gadgets that we had the Tecno J5, and J7 which was dubbed the Music phone! It was much hyped and received a warm welcome.


The Tecno J8 is coming as an improvement of the J7, what’s different?


From our findings, the J8 gadget will be the first Phone to run on the new Tecno HiOS user interface which gives user an opportunity to customize functions in the gadget.

Seemingly one of the much expected gadgets, J8 seems to have a bigger screen standing at 5.5 inches HD screen which is 0.5 inches bigger than the J7. Crazy, right?Tecno-Boom-J8

In addition to the above, J8 comes with free boom headphones! Of course to make your experience much better from the J7.This gadget is really putting J7 to shame! A reason why J7 users need to upgrade ASAP!

Among all Tecno phones batteries expect the Techno H6 (4000mAh), J8 has a super battery of 3000mAh which can power it for longer hours than ordinary gadgets which barely go for two days!

What of the storage capacity? the J8 is expected to run on a 2GB RAM and have an inbuilt memory of 16GB with an unknown options to expand it.

It’s also packed with 13 Mega pixels (MP) rear camera and a 5MP front camera inclusive of the front flashlight! Running on Android 5.1 Lollipop! It’s expected that this will be upgraded to Android 6.0!

Ooops, so much gossip, right?  Let’s wait for the launch of the Tecno J8 at end of this month.  What have you had about the Tecno BOOM J8?



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