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Tecno’s New User Interface HiOS Receives Mixed Reactions From Users


So TECNO released a new device last week, thousands of you bought it but haven’t yet realized that it has a new User Interface! Interesting, right?Anyway I want to believe you are enjoying your new gadget!hios 1 a

The HiOS is a new customer interface that has been introduced in the TECNO family and TECNO BOOMJ8 is the first device to use it. Lucky are those who have the gadget already for they can attest the flexibility of it.

Just like Touchwiz of Samsung, the UI of IPhones, so has Tecno decided to come up with its own user interface HiOS which is aimed at giving her users a personalized identity.

User interfaces are always aimed at understanding and interacting with the device content, providing clarity as it also increases peoples delight and love for it, so far so good anyone who has intermingled with TECNO BOOM J8 can attest that apart from few things (nothing is perfect) the animations and availability of different preferences interms of themes, font, pull down notifications are satisfactory!

hios 2

On the other hand, HiOS consist of the Hi Manager which allowed me to restart applications when my phone boots while I can still clean it up for free space on the device to improve performance.

As I took time to go through the phone, it was perfectly good to note that this new user interface allows me to block numbers or messages.But, the bad news is you must have saved the contact on your phone for you to enjoy this option.

The HiOS messaging app comes in handy as we all have that message we don’t like deleting and we would love to re-read it all the time. With HiOS messaging app you can pin it up, determine how you want it displayed and yes! If it’s very important, move it to a Notice timeline.hios 1

However, from a second user’s experience, the availability of too much pre-installed applications do not ogre well with J8 since it’s not just any other gadget.

“Most of these pre-installed applications are just space consuming hence slowing the phones performance, for instance what is Palm chat for? Why do we have Carlcare and I cannot directly be able to chat with a customer service provider from the other end” noted Kinyanjui Njonde, who has had the new phone for a week.

From a female’s user perspective, Ann Lawi wished the icons would be atleast expanded little bit and given a new look.

“The icons on the display feel too big hence not so friendly to the eyes, making it abit difficult to manager screen display which forces the user to download apex to enable icons look smaller” she noted

So what do you think? Whats your view about the new TECNO User interface (HiOS)



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