Telkom Kenya’s data bundles are now affordable fast compared to Airtel UnlimiNET.

Mobile Data has become the new battle front for telecommunications. It has come to this point. Who is unavoidable, faster, better in telecommunication battle in Kenya? Telkom Kenya Data or Airtel Data?  And how will pricing affect that balance. Well very soon it will depend on how the majority of Kenyans uses their cell phones, especially on social media or online. In the new digital world, efficiency needs will define your position before pricing.

Telkom Kenya has introduced new data bundles while also introducing validity periods for the different data offerings. Most of their bundles previously had a 90 day validity period but they have now introduced new daily, weekly and monthly bundles. The new bundles are also cheaper although with a shorter validity period.  Customers will be able to extend the expiry periods of their data bundles before they expire by purchasing another bundle of equal or higher validity before the expiry of their current bundle.

Airtel UnlimiNET, the mobile data plan, offers you with Calls depending on your data plan to all network .SMS and data bundles that let you keep browsing even after your bundles run out. All you need to do is subscribe to UnlimiNET and you’ll stay connected to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and Gmail) when your data is over regardless of your data plan

Airtel Kenya Bundles
Daily bundles
Price ksh 20 50 100
Data mbs 20 100 300
Voice/sms 8 min


20 min


60 min


Weekly bundles
Price 250 500
Data 500 1500
Voice/sms 100




Monthly Bundles
Price ksh 500 1000 2000
Data Gbs 1 3 7.5
Voice/sms 100







Telkom Kenya Bundles
Daily Bundles
Price Ksh 9 13 19 39 45 50
Data mbs 10 25 40 100 150 400
Weekly bundles,
Price ksh 19 39 49 99 149 199 249 999
Data mbs 20 50 70 200 350 500 2 Gb 15 Gb
Monthly bundles
Price ksh 95 200 500 600 900 1200 1900 2500
Data mbs 150 350 1 Gb 1.5 Gb 2.5Gb 4 Gb 8 Gb 12 Gb



























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