Two kenyan business that have seen rapid market share growth due to Facebook advertising


Facebook has announced that there are now over three million businesses the vast majority of which are small and Medium Business – actively advertising on Facebook, up 50% in just one year. Seventy percent of these three million companies are from outside the U.S. Currently more than 50   million small businesses use Facebook’s free Pages product to grow.

Facebook is the bridge to the new mobile economy for small business, helping them communicate with customers anytime, anywhere. More than one billion people on Facebook are connected to at least one business.  And, in the U.S., over 80% of people of Facebook are connected to a small business.

FunKidz, and Eat out Kenya are the small and medium businesses showcased rapid growth in market share accelerated by Facebook business page in Kenya. Facebook Marketing has proved to work exceptionally well for some businesses while disappointing others. Often the ones who have given up on Facebook are those who had overly high expectations on market share for a short while.

FunKidz is Innovative children’s brand opened 4 years ago. FunKidz provide high quality children’s furniture designed and manufactured in Kenya founded by Owner Ciiru Waweru and started advertising in 2013 with great success. Since then, FunKidz expanded into export markets such as Uganda and Rwanda, as a direct result of Facebook.

While, Eat out Kenya is an online restaurant guide, booking system and magazine. Founded in 2010 by Mikul Shah. Eat Out has since grown from a blog with 1 employee to a full-fledged company with an amazing team of 13 and they are still growing.  Facebook is the only marketing platform used. They have won numerous awards including Kenya Tourism Award for Best Digital Media.

Funkidz has 51.2k fun while Eat out Kenya has 112k fun, if we consider daily active Facebook subscribers, it true to say business page give the best platform for advertising products. Simple factors that are free when it comes to Facebook adverts impacts positively the markets share of your products.

Factors to consider includes;

    I.            Post Highly Likable and Sharable Content
    II.           Encourage Your Customers to Speak Out
    III.          Promote your Facebook Page:
    IV.           Activate Facebook Check-in (for local businesses)

This has resulted to rapid growth in market orientation and mass number of followers. Its also leads to high demand in the markets due to confidence in  products. This has highly energized small and medium enterprise growth.

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