uber price war

Uber liveliness for price war with 35pc fare cut.

Uber, has reduced its charges in Nairobi by nearly half in reaction to getting bigger competition from local rivals. The new charges that are due to take effect on will see Uber charge its clients at the rate of Sh35 per kilometre down from Sh60.

The taxi firm has also reduced its charges per minute by Sh1 to Sh3 and cut the pricing of short rides by Sh100 to Sh200. Base fare remains unchanged at Sh100.  

The new rates come amidst growing competition in the taxi industry from local and foreign firms that have launched e-taxi hailing services.

The price war is anticipated to build up as more competitor evaluation prices downwards in a bid to knob more customers to their platforms.


“We can confirm we will be making an announcement on Thursday that will positively impact driver-partners and riders across Nairobi. We are passionate about this city and we are looking forward to bringing even more benefits to the people who live here,” Uber Africa spokesperson Samantha Allenberg said.



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