UNDP to Support Small and Medium Enterprises in Marsabit County.

United nation development program (UNDP) jointly with the County Government of Marsabit have launched the 3rd Biashara Center in the Country.  The Biashara center is a Business Development model whose objective is to promote inclusive economic growth and job creation by empowering small and medium entrepreneurs, smallholder farmers, youth, women and people living with disabilities.

The Marsabit Biashara Centre is a one one-stop-shop that prepares and nurtures entrepreneurs to start and grow their own businesses. The center empower the young population that is searching for opportunities, with linkages and skills to access markets. Women too will benefit from business development services, financial literacy, information and technology to improve their businesses.

“We all have a responsibility to facilitate productive and diversified economies in this country.  Such centers will form an integral part for long-term development.  This is because they create an environment in which our small and medium entrepreneurs can grow their capacity and forge ahead to create sustainable and resilient regional and global businesses,” said UNDP Kenya Country Director, Ms. Amanda Serugama.

“I went to Nairobi to search for knowledge and opportunity.  Now that there are more opportunities at the county level, I intend to come back home and build my county. In Marsabit, we only have one technical training college that was started just recently, but through this Biashara Center, young people like me will have a place to access knowledge even if they are unable to further their studies in a university,” noted Mr.  Robert Dogo.

The Centre will also create a platform that will facilitate the development of conducive policy, legal, and regulatory environment, infrastructure and entrepreneurship spirit thus increase business productivity, access to capital, markets and market information, and expand formal outreach in Marsabit.

To achieve this, UNDP is working with the Micro and Small Enterprise Authority (MSEA) to deliver on its mandate to formulate and coordinate policies that will facilitate the integration and harmonization of various public and private sector initiatives, for the promotion, development and regulation of the Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs).


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